Welcome to yall-gotta-stop.neocities.org.

This Neocities site is dedicated to the weird and wacky side of the internet, as well as more general internet things, all in a blog-style format.

Why didn't I make this on a dedicated blogging website like Blogger? Because neocities allows more freedom than other blogging sites.

Note: If I show somebody in a post, and you want to harrass them, just fuck off outside instead. Capiche?

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Bullentin Board

This is where I make website announcments so you don't have to go back and check Neocities.

You know, I would love to update this site more, but turns out that finidng things to screenshot and upload to this site is harder thna I thought. But since I stated I'm not gonna take images already on a million other sites, I came up with an idea. How about I make a social media account where you all can send me your own screenshots that you believe would fit on this site? The images would have to be original and I would give credit of course, so how does that sound? Comment on my Neocities page your thoughts.