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This Neocities site is a blog which is dedicated to the interesting and wacky things that go on on this here information super-highway known as the "Internet". Why not use a blogging site like Tumblr or Blogger? Well because making a web 1.0-like eyesore is more fun.

Note: If I show somebody in a post, and you want to harrass them, don't. Harrassment is bad, no do.

It appears that I have now reached 4000 views! And it's been a while since I've gone a day without at least 1 person visiting the site. Crazy how it's only been like what, a month or 2, since the site got to 3k. Gonna try and post more than once this month in order to make up for some of the months I missed, and eventually get around re-vamping the submissions page. So look out for those.