Yes, that's right! If you want to, you can give me images to post about, and I'll... uh, post about them. But don't worry! I'll credit you. Please make sure you look at the guildines below before sending.

How to submit:

All you have to do is post your image on an imagehost, go to my group wall, and post the link there along with whatever context you'd think is needed and the name you'd like to be accredited by (if you don't, I'll just use the name of your Neocities account/site).

Guildines For Submissions:

1. Please be original. I have stated before I only want to post about original images here, so please make sure your submission is original (or at the very, very least obscure).

2. Nothing gory/pornographic. I think it's pretty self-explanitory.

3. Any people (unless they're you) MUST be censored. As I've stated on the front page of the website, I don't want anybody harrassed because some dude decided to post a screenshot of them on some random website.